Underestimating Gaia

With the gutting of the EPA and the reversal of attempts to protect the environment, the White House pretty much just gave the entire world the middle finger when it comes to going green.  At this point, it is not so much a surprise. We all saw it coming.

Looking at all the ammunition fired at each side of the climate argument, I came to realize one thing. Just about everyone is underestimating Gaia, using the name given by the Greeks to the personification of this planet.

Why do I say this?

Gaia is a harsh mistress. She provides but she doesn’t care. Not about species, not about humans, not about you. In nature, change is the only constant. If the climate were to change and there comes another mass extinction, it doesn’t matter either. Not to Gaia. Not to life.

At the end of every mass extinction following any climatic upheaval, there had always been survivors. Life is here to stay, at least until Gaia herself dies in a solar system level catastrophe.

To say we have to protect the environment to protect life, is a major exaggeration of our own insignificance. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to Gaia if humans are living on this planet or not. Regardless of how the environment is changed (or gets polluted), life will always find a way. It is “Whether that “life” includes humans”, that is the golden question. We now stand at the point where we have to protect the environment for our own survival.

By denying climate change, deniers are walking down the path of doom and gloom. By denying that we have the ability to adversely modify the environment and by fighting against attempts to protect the environment, deniers are forcing everyone else to walk along the same path with them.

1 person can’t do much but when you have 6 billion people, even a fart per person generates enough methane to fog a country. Is it really that hard to see that all our wastes and emissions are changing the climate? When Al Gore gave his dire warnings, people called his predictions lies because it didn’t come to pass. Yet, if he and so many others didn’t give their warnings in the past few decades, would there have been steps taken to slow down or counter climate change? We should have counted our blessings that whatever we did so far seems to be working to slow things down!

How are there people accusing them for their lies? Is it painful to breathe in clean air? Does it hurt to have clean water? Is it a crime to want healthful foods?

We have conquered many of the challenges Gaia threw our way but we must understand that she is relentless. Of all her challenges, the greatest one of all, her greatest weapon, however, is ourselves. Even in our current level of sophistication, we are still part of nature. Like the bacteria that created oxygen that destroyed themselves, we are now repeating that history by generating toxicity.

So let me reiterate my point.

Gaia doesn’t need protection. If we want to continue existing, we humans however need to do whatever it takes to ensure our continued place under her protection. If the day comes when she finally decides to be rid of us, all I can say is that…

We all saw it coming.


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