Your Lie In April

(Spoilers Alert)

While I am in anime-review mode (following the post on Code Geass), I figure that I just have to post something on “Your Lie in April (四月は君の嘘)”.

In my eyes, it too is a masterpiece.

The story is, truth to be told, fairly plain. Perhaps it can be regarded as just a slightly atypical slice-of-life, boy-meets-girl story. There may be no giant robots, there may be no scantily glad girls, or evil villains, or awesome heroes. But a good story doesn’t have to be a crazy one. This anime proved that a well-told, down-to-earth series can be just as great as any other. It is so good, that a life action movie was just released in Sep 2016.

As can be inferred by my review on Code Geass, I am a fan of emotional roller-coasters. Any story that can make you laugh one episode and cry the next is a well presented one. It is not the only hallmark of a good story but it definitely is indicative of one. To be exact, this is not a roller-coaster. It first lifts you up a mountain of comedy, then throws you off a double black diamond slope with small sized ramps, then dumps you off at the bottom of a chasm of tragedy before wrapping up with a small uptick. Basically I spent the first part laughing, rest of the show praying that everything will turn out well and the last episode almost tearing. Her final letter was a good finish though, giving a small uptick in the sadness. In Chinese, we call this… “哭笑不得” or caught between laughter and tears.

Music is one of the great strengths of Japanese anime and it is one strength that non- feature film Western animations have been unable to match to date in my opinion. This is one strength that was well used in this anime. Of course the show was all about music to begin with but it is relatively non-technical so it was easy to watch even for a music literate like me. The background music went quite well with both the comedic and sad moments between Kousei and Kaori, driving the emotions home.

The story did not have to kill off Kaori. She could have lived and it would still be a good show. Her death, well, was soul crushing and puts you in a denial. Whyyyyyyyyyy??!

Ahhh, wished the story went otherwise but it was time well spent. Can’t complain much about that.It was awesome.


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