Code Geass

(Spoiler Alert)

10 years ago, Sunrise released a masterpiece called Code Geass.

Season 1 had a cliffhanger ending but it was good if you had Season 2 to continue the series with. Never before had I watched such an anime, and never since had I watched such an anime either. It was an awesome adventure.

The thing I liked the most about the series was the “one more episode” feeling you get, not unlike the “one more turn” feeling when playing good 4X games. The story connects like a smooth single strand of noodle from front to back. If I placed that noodle on a piece of paper, it will assume the shape of a Sine curve. That’s right, the episodes were an emotional roller-coaster, making me laugh so hard one episode, and breaking my heart in the next. I was praying for Lelouch’s diabolical plans to succeed, snickering when they succeeded and dismayed at the times they fell apart.

It was over the top. It was exhilarating.

The voice acting was top-notch, carrying well Lelouch’s emotions right across the 2D boundary. He faltered, he stumbled, then he picked himself up from the pieces. He got lost and then he found his calling again. At the final episode of Season 2, he ended the series with the most glorious sacrifice ever, completed by an equally soulful tune that remains in my head to this day. Unlike Death Note, where Light lost his way and fell, Lelouch never strayed far from his path. Lelouch was the perfect anti-hero, supported by a colorful cast which gave the most wonderful performance in my opinion.

Nostalgia is great.

Now, at the 10th anniversary of the series, “Lelouch of the Resurrection” was announced. I have mixed feelings. That death at the end was a perfect ending. Sad but good. It served a purpose in creating the world he desired. Is there a point after all this time to bring him back? Will his revival diminish that satisfaction from the conclusion of Season 2? While it is too early to tell, I hope (perhaps with some dread) Season 3 will continue the great legacy that Season 1 and 2 left behind. It will be a high wall to cross though.

Well, at least we now know for certainty who that cart driver was…haha.


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