Civilization 6: Deity

Civilization 6 may be lacking in some ways, it is also devilishly fun in others.

This article is a quick guide to get the Civilization 6 Deity achievement, the easiest way that I find is this:

  1. Use Gilgamesh – For his War-Cart unit. Fast-moving, high attack and no need for horse resources. It is easy to take down an city with no walls with 2 War-carts.
  2. Map Settings – Duel-sized, Pangaea, Ancient Era, No barbarians. You basically want to locate your opponent as soon as possible without any pesky barbarians to interfere. The bigger the map, the larger the gap is between you and your opponent.
  3. Fight against an AI without Ancient Era bonuses – You want to fight the AI at their weakest. In my game, I chose Victoria.

To start the game, make sure you can build the first War-cart in 11 turns or less. If you are unlucky enough to start with insufficient production, it is time to restart the game. In my game, I started with 2 quarries that gave me my first cart in 11 turns.

  1. Save game at the start. There is no room for errors.
  2. Set queue to build war-cart #1. Set tech to make use of nearest production resources. E.g. Animal Husbandry or Mining.
  3. Use warrior to locate the AI. Hopefully the direction you walked off is where it is. If not, there might be a need to restart.
  4. Once war-cart is built, declare war and start picking off the AI’s warriors.
  5. By the time the warriors are half cleared, war-cart #2 should be ready. If there is a need to spell it out, you basically don’t build anything but war-carts and archers for the most part. Research wise, make a beeline for Archers and then Battering Ram. As for Civics, go for the +1 production and later get the +50% production bonus on units. Switch to -1 gold for unit maintenance when necessary.
  6. Make a beeline for the nearest city with no wall. If unable to take it down before wall is built, pull back and wait for war-cart #3 and archers #1/#2. In the meantime, whittle down the AI’s units.
  7. Take down AI satellite city #1. Mine built a wall when I was about to attack so I switched to a neighboring city with no walls. I did it with 2 war-carts and 2 archers.
  8. City #2 fell to 3 war-carts and 3 archers.
  9. Build battering ram #1 if able. You should only need 1.
  10. Take down all other satellite cities to open path to capital.
  11. If you can reach this part, the AI is spent and victory is at hand. End its misery.

In short, rush the AI and never give it a moment to rest. They start with 1 city and 2 settlers along with a lot of gold. Basically you want to make them spend it all on useless warriors that you can run over. Peace does not exist at Deity level.

When I finished my game, I had 5 war-carts, 2 horsemen, 6 archers and 1 battering ram. The year is 825BC. Score…well…only 600 (Dan Quayle)…hah.

Enjoy your achievement!



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