To parents on party flavors

The circle of parents everywhere has a big problem…that is the unspoken need to give party flavors for every birthday, holiday and other special occasion. It adds up real quick to account for a good portion of the year.

Party flavors are silly. Think that cheap toy is safe? You might reconsider if you dig into the manufacturing. The cheaper the toy, the more questionable it is. (E.g. PVC) Most kids won’t be interested in all of the contents either so a good portion gets discarded immediately. Add questionably toxic candy to be the mix and we now have a truly senseless endeavor. Party flavors are neither good for the kids or the environment.

The bone I have to pick with party flavors is not so much the toys but rather the candy. For toys, at least the harm is not directly consumed. “Not as bad” in my book.

Commercial candy are essentially sugar flavored chemicals. Food coloring, preservatives, stabilizers, none of which are things they need while growing up. They don’t need that extra junk sugar in their diet either.

What harm is a little? Sure, it won’t kill them but their little livers can have trouble breaking down the toxins. If it can’t be broken down or excreted, it will remain stored in that fat that makes them cute and chubby. Childhood obesity is that little more than extra sugar. The point is you never know when that purportedly harmless chemical will cause a problem…(allergies, tumors, cancer, sickness, hyperactivity, psychological effects to name a few). Long term studies are sorely lacking but there are some already identified to be bad. (E.g. Colorings)

As far as I am concerned, if the human body cannot make use of a chemical for its necessary functions, harmless or not, I will regard it as a toxin that must be removed from the body. So why make it hard for the body by consuming them in the first place?

Personally, I don’t care if your kids are obese, unhealthy or just walking bags of toxins. Give candy and party flavors to your own kids by all means but don’t assume that every other parent is going to appreciate it.

I definitely don’t.

~Rant End~



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