Pondering the meaning of life

“Meaning of Life”, a question as profound as it is basic. I am no philosopher but I am sure this question should have at least popped up once in anyone’s head.

Is there a meaning to life? Why am I on this world? Why was I born? What should I do? There are as many variations to the question itself as there are answers thought up by people for them. For the religious inclined, it might be “God”. For those nice and kind, perhaps “To bring joy to others”.

I believe that life has no inherent meaning. Eat, sleep, reproduce. The three imperatives all life follows, from bacteria to mammals. Is there any meaning to following the cycle of life? Not really. We do so because it is what we are and we have to. Birth to death, from dust to dust.

When this question first occurred to me when I was a teenager, I must admit I got a little depressed at times. If life is meaningless, what is the point of learning and studying? Now much older, I just accepted the “no meaning” part as fact. Don’t pity me just yet. I no longer find this lack of meaning troubling or in any way depressing. In fact, it is liberating.

Life’s lack of an inherent meaning is certainly a big void to fill. On the flip side however, we are free to give our lives any purpose we wish. The “meaning of life” is what we define it to be. Hence it is not so much a “Is there a meaning to life” problem but rather, “Is there a meaning to your life” question. I suppose it can even change over time.

Mine is nothing special and certainly not unique. My kids…

So give yourself something to work toward in life and considered this question answered. Let no one decide what meaning your life shall hold; not your parents, not your friends and certainly not those who claim to speak for the divine.

Whatever floats your boat!


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